Only On 6: Man Reacts After Receiving Presidential Pardon

Saturday, December 26th 2020, 10:02 pm

A Green Country man said he can finally rest now that the word "felon" has been removed from his record.

Lee Crum, 89, said he's been waiting decades for this relief. News On 6 spoke exclusively with him about the presidential pardon.  

Crum said after years of heartache, he can finally heal. They were humble beginnings and troublesome teenage years for Crum.  

"Well, I tell you back then, tough,” said Crum. “There wasn't (sic) many jobs around here, and of course, I wasn't the only one doing it." 

Crum was a teenager when he first started making moonshine in the woods with his wife's uncle. 

"That's the only trouble I is ever in, in my life, and I've tried to do what is right,” Crum said.  

At 19 years old, Crum was caught. 

"That's the only day I ever spent in jail, and I didn't want no more. I didn't like it," Crum said. 

He told News On 6 he served three years of probation and paid a $250 fine. Nearly 70 years after Crum's guilty plea, President Donald Trump pardoned him on Tuesday. 

"Why did I stop? Because they caught me,” Crum said. 

Crum said he's eternally grateful to Sen. Jim Inhofe who began spearheading a possible pardon several years ago. 

"I don't understand why it took so long,” said Crum. “I know a lot of people done a lot worse and they didn't get the time that I got." 

Crum couldn't believe it when he got the call that cleared his conviction. 

"I can't explain it. I'm glad it's over. I'm so proud I finally got it. Long time coming,” Crum said.  

Crum said ever since, he's tried to stay on the right side of the law. 

"I've been a pretty good boy all these years,” Crum said.  

He credits his late wife of almost 70 years for helping him become a better man. 

"She didn't say a whole lot, but she didn't like it,” Crum said.  

He wishes she was still around to see this success story. 

"Oh, she'd been thrilled,” said Crum. “She would've been thrilled." 

He also credits his faith.  

"I don't remember how long it's been since I got in church, but I should've done it while my wife was living,” Crum said.  

Crum said his record is a cloud that loomed over him but shaped him into who he is today. 

"It definitely affected me,” said Crum. "It been kind of tough, but I got by alright." 

Crum said with his clean slate, he plans to finally get himself a gun.