Cherokee Nation Elders Move Into New Efficiency Homes

Sunday, December 27th 2020, 9:33 pm

Cherokee Nation elders moved into new homes this week thanks to their tribe. The homes are part of the Cherokee Nation's Housing Authority that aims to build efficiency-style homes for low-income elderly members and families.

The Indian Housing Block Grant helped fund the houses which are located in Salina, Hulbert and Tahlequah.

An added benefit of the houses is that they're spaced out enough so the elderly residents can stay safe from contracting the coronavirus.

Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. said although that might not have been the intention of the houses, the added benefit is something he is thankful for.

"These were planned before anyone knew what COVID was but when you're planning ahead and you're planning clean affordable housing for your elders, great things happen even in the midst of a pandemic," Hoskin said. 

He said, as a Cherokee leader, being able to help the elderly makes everything else take care of itself.

He said taking care of the elders has been a part of the Cherokee Nation culture since the beginning.

"That really is what keeps the Cherokee people grounded throughout the centuries," Hoskin said. "Anytime times have gotten tough, we look to our elders for wisdom and we certainly always want to take care of our elders. Making sure they got a good roof over their head is one great way we can do that."

Hoskin Jr. said the nation is expected to build more houses in the near future for more Cherokees in need.