Healthier Oklahoma Coalition Concerned About Post-Holiday Spike In COVID-19 Cases

Tuesday, December 29th 2020, 4:02 pm

The Healthier Oklahoma Coalition held their final briefing of 2020 on Tuesday.

The Coalition has worked since March educating Oklahomans about COVID-19 and its impact here in Oklahoma.

It consisted of the Oklahoma State Medical Association, Oklahoma Hospital Association, and other groups.

They said despite a limited vaccine rollout, trends continue to show community spread across the state and cases continue to climb.

They're also worried about a spike in cases after the holidays because of the amount of travel and gatherings.

Despite this, they are optimistic about 2021 and getting more Oklahomans vaccinated to end this pandemic.

"We really need at least 70 percent to get the vaccine so we can attain herd immunity,” said Dr. George Monks, the president of the Oklahoma State Medical Association. “That's going to make a big difference. We're off to an excellent start in Oklahoma with over 30,000 vaccinated and we need to keep up the good work. It's going to take all of us working together."

The state health department is reporting more than 1,900 Oklahomans in the hospital with COVID-19.

That's the highest level this year.