Many Oklahomans Still Wait On Stimulus Check, Cite Frustrations With Process

Wednesday, January 6th 2021, 7:03 pm

Some Oklahomans did not expect to spend their first week of 2021 on the phone for hours wondering where their second stimulus check is.

Cassandra Erlandson is one of many Oklahomans who did not receive a stimulus check Monday, a problem plaguing people across the county.

“And realized our first stimulus check and second stimulus check do not have matching direct deposit account numbers, started freaking out a little bit,” Erlandson said. 

Helen Scott is retired and did her tax returns through Liberty Tax. She was told her check would go to what was a temporary account.

"The IRS sent it to an account that didn't exist anymore. It’s frustrating, as of today there's still no stimulus check,” Scott said.

Certified Public Accountant Paul Hood said the deposit should go into that same bank account as the first stimulus check.

"If you changed your bank account, it's probably going to be an issue. They'll mail you the check which could be 3-4 months from now, so if you don't get it there's either a miscommunication or we got a watch for hackers,” Hood said.

The IRS said if you did not receive your check you will be able to claim it when you file their 2020 taxes in 2021.

Erlandson said her bank fixed the problem and she now has her money.

"My advice is double check your account numbers match on your end. We just got lucky having a bank that takes care of that, but not everybody has that,” Erlandson said.  

News on 6 did speak to other banks, such as Bank of Oklahoma, and other tax agencies and they are all working on resolving people's issues.