Oklahoma Congressional Delegates Share Accounts Of Capitol Riot

Wednesday, January 6th 2021, 9:19 pm


Oklahoma lawmakers are still piecing together what happened after rioters stormed the Capitol Wednesday.

Some elected officials are now taking an 'enough is enough' stance and have now announced they'll go against plans to avoid a Biden presidency.

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Senator James Lankford (R-OK) was speaking when protestors ran inside the Capitol building.

"I knew immediately that's not just protestors in the building, that's violence," Lankford said. "These were violent folks that were coming through, attacking the police and trying to smash things up.”

Representative Markwayne Mullin (CD-2) found himself just feet away from a group of protestors, separated only by the chamber door.

"I started hearing radios go off and I knew something was bad. I looked over at one of the other members and I said, 'This isn't good,'" Mullin said.

He said it was a dangerous situation for the representatives, and for the protestors.

“One guy unfortunately got gouged in the eye with a flagpole, he probably is going to lose his eye. A lot of broken noses, and lots of cuts on faces and heads, and back of heads," Mullin said. “Now there’s some protestors that got hurt too. And rightfully so, they attacked a police officer, I hope a lot of them were hurt, they need to be hurt. They put themselves in that situation and the police had to defend themselves and defend us.”

Mullin said he ended up speaking with a few them from the other side of the door and talked them down.

“My thing was trying to de-escalate the situation," Mullin said. "And at least we got them to quit beating on the door.”

Senator James Lankford released a joint statement with Montana Representative Steve Daines.

He now calls for a peaceful transition of power, saying, "We now need the entire Congress to come together and vote to certify the election results. We must stand together as Americans. We must defend our Constitution and the rule of law."

Lankford said the violence won't stop the Senate or Congress from completing the job they started Wednesday.

"These are folks that do not represent a basic American value of Freedom," he said about the protestors. "No one's gonna be bullied and the House and the Senate will go back into session tonight. We will finish the work that has to be done for the country tonight and we're not going to allow folks to be able to shut things down."