Rogers County Deputy Recovering, Dragged In Traffic Stop

Friday, January 8th 2021, 4:43 pm

Rogers County -

A Rogers County deputy is recovering after being dragged during a traffic stop.

The Sheriff’s Office is asking for your help finding the driver, Danyel McQuillen. 

Deputies found McQuillen's car at a trailer home in Catoosa, but they are still looking for her and said she now has a $250,0000 warrant out for her arrest.

“We’ve tried to canvas the area of known locations for her the best we can at this point," said Sheriff Scott Walton.

He said a deputy pulled McQuillen over for driving erratically. 

“There were several reasons to stop the vehicle: turning from a wrong lane, erratic turning behavior. Prior to this, [the deputy] runs the tag that tag comes back as the possibility of someone being in there that is wanted," said Sheriff Walton.

He said when the deputy went up to the driver's window, McQuillen would only roll down the back window. 

“She starts to rev and accelerate the vehicle up, but at that time it’s in park so the deputy knows that she has the mindset to flee; she drops the vehicle in drive and starts to move while he’s partially in the vehicle," said Sheriff Walton.

Walton said the deputy opened the back passenger door and used his taser, but McQuillen kept driving, taking the deputy with her. 

“We got a deputy here that works hard and makes good decisions, wants to go home to his family. He’s doing okay certainly nobody enjoys getting drug down the road, but he’ll survive those injuries and she’ll go to jail," said Sheriff Walton.

If you know where McQuillen can be found, you can call the Rogers County tipline anonymously at 918-341-3620.