USDA Plans To Distribute More Than A Billion Dollars Worth Of Food In 2021

Sunday, January 10th 2021, 8:07 am

The U.S. Department of Agriculture will purchase more than a billion dollars worth of food in 2021 for distribution through the Farmers to Families Food Box Program.

The USDA has distributed more than 132 million food boxes in support of farmers and families affected by the pandemic. The Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma is thrilled by the new announcement.

"Any boost in the amount of food that we can get out can be very exciting for us," said Communications Manager Greg Raskin.

Communication Manager at the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma, Greg Raskin, says an additional $1.5 billion worth of food for nationwide distribution by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, helps their fight against hunger in 2021.

"Just another way for us to receive high-quality food," said Raskin.

It's being done through the Farmers to Families Food Box Program, the Trump administration's hunger relief initiative during the pandemic, which benefits farmers, distributors, and food-insecure families.

The Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma distributes about 600,000 meals a week.

"That up from about 464,000 in our last fiscal year," said Raskin.

Since the pandemic, the food bank has seen a 30 percent increase in the amount of food they are distributing. Raskin says the Farmers to Families Food Box Program has helped them expand their network.

"These boxes are something we can easily send to our partners; they can store them easily," said Raskin.

Each food box contains a lot of produce and dairy products.

"We are excited in this next round, we are hopeful there's going to be a little more meat and fish protein for a much higher quality," said Raskin.

Raskin says 2021 will be the 40th anniversary for them and with the way things are going, he believes this year will be their biggest year yet. Raskin says the USDA is currently preparing distributors for the food boxes. To find out how you can help the food bank, CLICK HERE