Driver License Renewal: What To Know & When To Schedule Your Appointment

Thursday, January 14th 2021, 12:42 pm

TULSA, Okla. -

Lots of people are telling News On 6 how difficult it is to get an appointment to get their driver's license renewed. 

“When we walked in, the clerk told us that they were making appointments through April," said Glenn Young. 

He and his wife, Diane, have been to two different tag agencies with no luck. Both of their licenses expire at the end of the month. 

“Our plans are to get up early in the morning and go down to South Bixby and see if we can get in there. And if not that we’re going to pull up the names of all of the agencies in Tulsa and find a place where we can get an appointment," said Glenn and Diane Young.

They're looking to get a Real ID.

The Department of Public Safety said you can renew a regular license online. 

“That’s for class D license as well as commercial drivers licenses and a lot of people will be eligible to do that. Now that’s not going to be a Real ID it’s not going to be real ID compliant, but if you’ve already got a passport or a military ID or you just don’t need a Real ID for any of the purposes of flying or entering a federal facility,” said Sarah Stewart with Oklahoma DPS.

Stewart said appoints for their state offices are booked up for the next two months.

She said there's a combination of reasons for those backups. 

“A budget cut that prevented us from hiring approximately 28 driver license examiner positions has backed us up as well as the implementation of real i-d last year drew resources and that backed us up as well. It’s been like that unfortunately for awhile," said Stewart.

She said another delay is getting those ID cards to people through the mail. She said those are now taking 10 to 14 business days.

You can renew your driver's license here.

For Real ID information click here.