City Of Collinsville Launches New Program For Volunteering In Community

Friday, January 15th 2021, 7:39 am
By: Cal Day


The City of Collinsville has launched a new program aiming to get more people involved in the community. The program is called CIVIC, which stands for Collinsville Involves Volunteers In our Community.

Sherry Campbell from the City of Collinsville told News On 6 she often gets calls from people who are interested in getting involved and this new program should provide new avenues. Campbell said volunteers are needed for special projects and for other things like city cleanups.

Campbell said the idea came from the city’s code enforcement team after they noticed some people could use a hand when it comes to things like yard work. She said nearly 10 people have already signed up.

“Collinsville has the reputation of helping one another and that’s just another way that you can see that people here in Collinsville, they do want to help their neighbor and to be able to better the community,” said Campbell.

Anyone interested in signing up can do so by Clicking Here.