Bishop Kelley Students Pack Food Boxes For Families In Need

Monday, January 18th 2021, 5:34 pm


A group of students from Bishop Kelley spent the morning of Martin Luther King Jr, Day, packing boxes of food for families in need.

Food Bank employees say every box packed is helping fight food insecurity in the community.

"Hunger is not political," said John Sanders with the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma. The Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma is closed Monday but there are all kinds of good work happening inside.

"Today we are packing chicken, for instance, beans, rice," said Sanders.

Students from Bishop Kelley High School are packing boxes of food for families in need in our area.

"I think teenagers more than anyone appreciate the ability to help people," said Bishop Kelley Student Izzy Deller.

Food Bank employees had music going to keep the students packing quickly, they had Martin Luther King, Jr. trivia and Dr. King's favorite dessert for volunteers to munch on.

"I guess I just see people who need help and it just feels good to give it to them, it is better than just sitting in your bed and not doing anything," said Bishop Kelley Student Cameron Bednar.

It was a fun atmosphere, but this is serious work and what a day to be doing this work.

"Dr. King was all about lifting people up and evening the playing field, so we are doing our best to even the playing field from a food and nutrition stand point," said Sanders, "We are talking about equity."

The students packed 121 boxes.

"That is 2,904 pounds of food that you guys put out," said a Food Bank employee to the students.

If you would like to help the Food Bank you can call 918-585-2800 or get connected online here.