2 Green Country Women Share Stories Through Tattoo Ink; Competing In National Contest

Thursday, January 28th 2021, 9:18 pm

Two Green Country women are hoping to use their love of tattoos and their life experiences to win $25,000 and to be on the cover of a magazine, but they need your help to win.

Both women said they've been through so much in their lives, and through it all, tattoos have been their outlet. They both want to use the money to help others. 

Jaime Mueller is from Sapulpa and got her first tattoo after losing a loved one. Since then, she said tattoos have given her a way to express herself.

"I found great release in that, and now I'm covered from head to toe," Mueller said.

Mueller is hoping to win the Inked Magazine Cover Contest. The grand prize winner will be featured on the cover and win $25,000.

Mueller said she was recently diagnosed with HIV, possibly from a tattoo, and wants to help others by sharing her story.

"I found a different braveness," Mueller said.

If she wins, she said she wants to open a wellness center for people dealing with pain, addiction, and abuse, and educate others on safe tattooing practices. 

Rachel Patterson is from Wagoner and is also hoping to win. She too has been through some tragedies in her life, most recently escaping an abusive relationship.

Patterson said tattoos have been one way for her to express her pain.

"They tell a story without saying a word," Wagoner said.

"I couldn't let it deflate who I was," she added. "I took it and let it empower me."

Patterson is a single mom of two boys and said they're her biggest support. She would use the money to get her psychology degree and help others, and one day open a non-profit abuse recovery center

"It's a beautiful thing to go through that and come out and not feel defeated," Patterson said.

Voting is open tonight, so here's how to vote for each woman: you can click here to vote for Jaime Mueller and here for Rachel Patterson.

After the initial round, the competition narrows to the top 15 in each group and people can vote again.