Saint Francis Staff Pause For Minute Of Silence To Recognize COVID-19 Impact

Monday, March 1st 2021, 6:14 pm
By: Matt Rahn

TULSA, Okla. -

Doctors, nurses and staff at Saint Francis Hospital took a moment Monday to reflect on the impact of COVID-19 in Oklahoma.

Cardiologist Dr. Adam Karpman at St. Francis said for a huge, busy hospital like this to just stop and reflect is incredibly meaningful.

At 12 p.m., hospital staff gathered in silence, to take a breath and pause, taking stock of a year dominated by COVID-19. Dr. Karpman said this moment brings up a range of emotions.

"It's a moment of sadness how many people we've lost, it's a moment of joy for how well we've worked together as a community, and it's a moment of just gratitude for what we've been through," said Karpman.

Since March of 2020, over 4,400 Oklahomans have died due to the virus, and over half a million have lost their lives across the country. While nurses, doctors, and other staff stood silent, bells from the chapel just outside could be heard playing Amazing Grace.

Dr. Karpman said this is also a time to remember often unrecognized heroes at the hospital.

“We've had cafeteria workers showing up day to day, our housekeepers are in the rooms every day, people who we don't often recognize, this is their moment to be recognized," said Karpman.

Dr. Karpman said with a decline in cases at the hospital and so many Oklahomans getting the vaccine, he's hopeful for the days ahead.