Muskogee Pharmacy Steps Up To Help Teachers, School Employees Get Vaccinated

Tuesday, March 2nd 2021, 6:10 pm


More than 1,000 Muskogee teachers and school employees are getting their first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Up until now, Muskogee teachers were relying on Saint Francis and the health department for the vaccine, but one local pharmacy stepped up to make the process move quicker for everyone. 

"I'm really happy to be able to make a difference make this happen for people," said Rebecca Schiller, owner of Economy Pharmacy. 

Rebecca said it's been all hands on deck for weeks, ever since she got the call from Pfizer that they would be getting a shipment of the vaccine.

"We worked really hard getting everyone scheduled and filled 1100 appointments really fast," Rebecca said. 

Rebecca said the shipments were over a week late, so they had to get everyone rescheduled.

"Just another hurdle to jump through but we got it taken care of," Rebecca added. 

Pharmacist Chris Schiller said they made sure teachers were taken care of first.

"The first thing we did was reach out to the school systems to make sure that all the teachers and staff can get it," Chris said. 

Superintendent Jarod Mendenhall said the vaccine is their ticket for schools to transition to in-person learning permanently.

"Economy pharmacy has really stepped up, there's no question they had been able to really put a program together that helps us to get back to in person learning. We know that's the best type of learning that is helpful for students. So, we're excited to give our teachers and staff the vaccines this week," Mendenhall said.

If you are eligible to get the vaccine, you can sign up for an appointment at Economy Pharmacy’s website here.