Pediatric Unit At Owasso’s Utica Park Clinic Gets A Head Start On Halloween For The Kids

Thursday, September 16th 2021, 5:33 pm
By: Sawyer Buccy

TULSA COUNTY, Oklahoma -

The hallways of the Pediatrics Unit at Owasso's Utica Park Clinic are transforming just in time for Halloween. 

The unit is known for its holiday decorations and workers said it is the little things they can do that make a big difference for the kids who come to see them.

From a Dr. Seuss themed 4th of July to a Toy Story Halloween, the crews in the pediatric unit of Owasso's Utica Park Clinic go all out for their patients.

"I think in the environment right now, kids are a little more anxious than they used to be- coming to the doctor," said medical assistant Holly Hickey. “So, it is almost like an icebreaker because they might not want to initially talk with you, but they are like, 'Oh, I see the minion, or I see Minnie Mouse,' and then you can talk with them about it.”

It is not just holidays, they go all out for the change of seasons, too.

"As soon as Halloween is over, we will start streaming different colored leaves," said pediatric nurse Sharon Naveck.

The staff on this floor knows, these aren't just decorations. It’s a way to build a bridge for kids, from their fear or anxiety, to a place they feel safe, around characters they know. 

"It makes it easier to come to the doctor if you know Minnie Mouse is waiting on you!" said Naveck. "Right now, Minnie Mouse has a mask on because the kids are coming in and everybody has a mask, everybody looks scary, they don't want to wear a mask but if they see Minnie wearing one then they are okay with it."

Even the doctors dress up. If they can't wear a full costume, they decorate their coat.

"It lightens the mood. They might not feel good, but maybe they watch the minions or Despicable Me at home, then they come here and see a minion and it is just kind of comforting," said Hickey.