Bixby High School Athletes Featured In Ads For New Under Armour Workout Gear

Sunday, September 26th 2021, 9:33 pm

BIXBY, Oklahoma -

Under Armour will feature Bixby High School athletes in ads for its upcoming line of workout gear.

The company has been doing photo shoots with several of the school's teams this week.

Bixby Athletic Director Kate Creekmore says this is an opportunity that not many high school kids get, so school leaders jumped at the chance.

"We are super excited that our kids are having this opportunity to be in this Hollywood-style production," Creekmore said.

The outfits the players are modeling are clothes that Under Armour has not even released to the public yet.

Creekmore says being able to have some local athletes be nationally featured is big for all sports in Bixby.

"They think it's so cool to know that they're going to be in billboards and Kohls and Academy and Dicks Sporting goods...on print ads, on online catalogs," Creekmore said. "It's super exciting exposure for them."

Bixby soccer player Jordan Frederick says even though it felt weird working out with cameras around, seeing herself in pictures has her pumped up.

"Kinda nervous just a little bit just because there's so many people here and a lot of cameras but I'm having a very fun time," Frederick said.

Jordan admits she's ready to swap the workout gear for a jersey even more.

As much fun as she says she's had, it's nothing like the pre-game jitters before taking the field.

"I mean I'm already pumped up for this season but this just like amplifies that," Frederick said.

Under Armour will also be having shoots for the boy and girls' cross-country teams and the football team.