Shoppers Looking Out For Local Businesses On Black Friday

Friday, November 26th 2021, 6:49 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

It's a huge day for big retailers, as shoppers return to in-person shopping, but some smaller businesses are just trying to keep up.

On Friday, several Black owned businesses participated in a Black Annual Market shopping event.

"Going through the pandemic -- because it has separated us so much -- we need something like this to bring us back together," said Felicia Jones, one of the organizers of the first Black Annual Market. 

Organizers said the Black Annual Market (BAM) is about taking the focus off of major retail chains and placing it on local Black-owned businesses.

The shoppers said today is about support.

"I have shopped from everyone that has an actual product to sell. Everyone in here, I have tried to patronize with my business," said Crystal Ifekoya.

Ifekoya said she visited every business Friday, because she knows what happens when the community doesn't support these businesses.

"For a small Black business owner, they suffer when people don't buy their businesses," said Ifekoya.

She said Friday's Black Annual Market was especially important.

"The businesses that we have here today, they actually are dear to me, because these are the individuals that actually suffer with not having people patronize them all the time," said Ifekoya.

Ifekoya said this holiday season, she's making it her goal to remind people.

"The more you support people that look like you -- the more you support minority business owners -- the better off chance of them surviving and making it past the three-year mark," said Ifekoya.