Tulsa Resident Says Car Burglary Suspects Shot At Him

Wednesday, January 12th 2022, 10:22 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

A Tulsa woman and her son believe they may have had a run-in with the same car burglars we told you about earlier this week.

The son ran out to confront the burglars and when he did, they pulled a gun on him.

The son said it happened the morning of January 9, near 111th and South Riverside, which is just 40 minutes before another break-in only a few miles down the road.

Kevin French's friends were leaving his house around 4 a.m., after a movie night on January 8. They were headed down the driveway when they noticed two lanky guys trying to get into people's cars.

The girls turned back toward the house, but French and buddies decided to protect their neighbor's property.

"We see them coming down around the bend and just leisurely walking through the grass, people's yards. And we're like hey you guys need to stop. Everybody here has cameras," said Kevin French.

However, the suspects just kept walking.

"One of them turned around and started firing at a very rapid rate. And we're hearing bullets whiz past us," said French.

French and his friends then ran for the house.

"Came in and told my parents, 'Hey, you know, people are outside, inside of our cars and they were shooting at us and we went to try and confront them," said French.

His mother, Chanalle Hackl said, "I can't even put into words I mean how scary that is." Chanalle Hackl is grateful he didn't get hurt.

"I commend him for that but also just kind of was just, 'what a dummy.' You know, it's like, just call the police," said Hackl. "Sure enough, there were casings on the street."

Hackl collected video from surrounding neighbors.

"You can see like from a distance where they're going back and forth through houses," said Hackl. 

French and Hackl are shocked the suspects targeted a gated community.

"It's like, get a job, you know. Go panhandle. I mean, why are you robbing from people that you know have worked really hard to make a good life," said Hackl.

Tulsa Police said they've received many reports of burglaries in that area.