Turley Fire Department Works To Upgrade Bunk Room

Wednesday, January 19th 2022, 4:13 pm
By: Amy Avery

TULSA, Oklahoma -

The Turley Fire Department is working to upgrade its nearly 40-year-old building.

It's starting with the bunk room where firefighters sleep and a lot of the materials have been donated since it's a volunteer department.

Only three firefighters could stay in the old bunk room at a time, now 6 will be able to sleep at the station to be closer to the trucks.

Firefighters say they’re thankful the community is helping with these renovations because it will help make the fire department feel more like home.

"This is really my second home and it is to a lot of people," said Turley Firefighter Tanner Erickson. “I've stayed up here for multiple days at a time and to me, it's going to make me feel like I am more at home, kind of like I am in my own bed at my house.”

Erickson says every second counts when they're called to an emergency, so being close to the trucks is important.

"The community needs our help and we love to be there as fast as we can get there," said Erickson.

The Turley Fire Department went on about 600 calls last year, which is up from the year before.

Lt. Maryah Lowe says the 39-Year-Old station is starting to show its age, so they're first working to renovate the bunk room where firefighters sleep.

"I would say they kind of looked like a prison cell,” said Lt. Lowe. "They haven't been touched in a long time so they just need a little TLC."

"We do a lot of time up here so it does mean a lot to us to be able to be comfortable and feel at home," said Erickson.

The department's budget is very small and a lot of it’s money goes toward fixing up trucks and upgrading equipment, so most of the renovations to the bunk room have been donated.

Designall Concrete donated a paint chip floor and Turley Make and Model is building new bunks for the room.

They’ve also been able to paint, get a new ceiling fan and lights for the room, all through donations from the community..

“We give to them without expecting to be given anything back and they give back a lot,” said Erickson.

"Being a volunteer coming out here. it makes it all worthwhile. it makes us feel appreciated,” said Lt. Lowe. “We see a lot of rough things and we do a lot of strenuous jobs so it really does benefit us but also benefits the community so we can get new applicants.”

The department also has an Amazon Wishlist to help buy new bedding for the bunks and replace some items around the house.

They also have Cashapp for financial donations. ($TurleyFire)