All 42 Zip Codes In Tulsa County In "Extreme Severe Risk III' For COVID-19

Thursday, January 20th 2022, 4:06 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

COVID-19 numbers are so high in Tulsa county right now, the health department has had to add several new categories of severity and it's still not enough.

Right now, all 42 zip codes in Tulsa county are in the "extreme severe risk three" category, which means more people have COVID right now than ever before and it's increasing by the day. This deep red color blankets all of Tulsa County. A rate of .86 means that for every 10,000 people, 8.6 are testing positive for COVID daily.

Some zip codes are double and triple that number.

“On a daily basis," said Monica Roberts with the Tulsa Health Department. "We are seeing the highest number of people getting sick every single day.”

Roberts said that means Omicron is being passed around like wildfire right now.

The map does not take into account how severe the cases are, but the latest data says 11 thousand people in the county tested positive this week, and 25 died.

“We have so many ZIP codes more than double our highest threshold," said Roberts. 

Although COVID isn’t as deadly as it has been, it’s still very hard on people.

“I hurt from my head to my toes I hurt so bad," said Evans. 

Rhonda Evans tested positive for COVID on Jan. 9.

“The next day was my mom's funeral services," said Evans. "I just started crying because I said I can’t go that’s not fair.”

Rhonda said her mom Joyce Blair was the strongest woman she knew and her very best friend and missing her funeral was devastating.

Rhonda said she was vaccinated but urges everyone to continue wearing masks and getting their vaccines since doctors told her it kept her out of the hospital.

“If people would just wear their masks or, knowing they have it, not go out because you don’t know," said Rhonda. 

The health department continues to urge wearing a high-quality mask, getting your vaccine and booster, and getting tested.