PGA Championship Organizers Prepare To Open Merchandise Store

Thursday, May 12th 2022, 6:13 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Golf won't be the only thing to look at next week over at Southern Hills. There's also a lot to shop for.

"It's something for everybody,” said Michael Quirk, the Senior VP of Merchandise for the PGA Championship. “I think that's really what we pride ourselves on."

Friday morning, the PGA will open a store for the PGA Championship. From hats to shirts to accessories, the store will have a wide variety of products.

"When you're talking about a football field size store, it takes a lot of product to fill it," said Quirk.

Quirk said it takes 12 to 18 months of planning to get everything ready.

For the past six weeks, his team has been building the store.

"If you're a golfer, you name it we got it, no doubt about it,” said Quirk. “Also the non-golfer even the golf fan, the athleisure, the t-shirts, the headwear, the accessories."

Quirk said the store opens before the tournament to give people more opportunities to shop.

You don't need a ticket to come this weekend. Instead, from 9 to 6, a shuttle will take you from the Mabee Center to the store.

And on Friday and Saturday, you can get a picture with the trophy as well.

"Just beat the rush,” said Quirk. “Come out enjoy your time shopping and save next week for golf.”

The facility is cashless so you’ll need to use card.