Tulsa Businesses Benefit From PGA Crowds

Tuesday, May 17th 2022, 9:04 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Day two of the practice rounds are over for the PGA Championship; but more people are starting to fly into Tulsa for the big event -- and some businesses are hoping to cash in on those big crowds.

Business is beginning to boom across the Tulsa Metro. Hotels are booked and restaurants have waitlists.

Business owners said all eyes are on Tulsa this week and Southern Hills securing the PGA Championship is huge for our area. They hope this makes Green Country a top contender for future big events.

"I’ve heard that this is a record-breaking month for Tulsa just with the Bob Dylan Center opening and Ironman this coming weekend and the PGA [Championship]. There’s just so many out-of-town visitors all across the board. Big concerts at the BOK Center. There’s a lot of great things going on in Tulsa right now,” said Angelene Wright, Ida Red Owner.

Angelene Wright owns Ida Red, which she said is full of Tulsa-themed merchandise for tourists.

“We have a lot of great things for out-of-town visitors and just a fun place for them to stop by," said Wright.

Wright has already noticed an uptick in customers.

“After just everything that’s gone on in the last few years, it’s just so exciting as a business owner and as a Tulsa citizen to see so much going on," said Wright.

Caitlin Cantrell is a Bartender at Albatross -- a sports bar within walking distance from the PGA Championship at Southern Hills.

“We’re the closest bar to the golf course. From the course, to the course, there’s a drink on the way," said Cantrell.

The members'-only bar is open to everyone during the PGA and is offering live music and a specialty cocktail menu specifically for the PGA.

"Monday, definitely not just an average Monday for us. The sales were higher than normal. New Tulsa faces to faces from PGA coming in. We’re getting a lot of representatives coming through from liquor companies," said Cantrell.

There's also a booth reserved for players.

“We’re making sure that we save them a very, very warm seat," said Cantrell. "We’re hoping for the big number. If we could do monthly sales in this entire week is really what we’re looking for is probably you know the busiest week of this bars long standing time here.”

Tulsa Regional Tourism thinks the PGA will have more than $143 million in economic impact.