Broken Arrow Duck & Dog Form Inseparable Bond, Inspire Children's Book

Thursday, May 26th 2022, 8:52 am

BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma -

An unlikely friendship is proving shape, size, even species doesn't matter. It's between a duck and a dog from Broken Arrow that have formed an inseparable bond, inspiring a book in the process.

At Vallier Acres in Broken Arrow, it’s always an adventure.

“We have horses, chickens, dogs, cats, ducks,” said owner Jessie Vallier.

It's home to what some might call a "famous" duck and dog.

“We have Sven is our Newfoundland and Olaf is our Mallard Drake who are best friends,” Jessie said.

Jessie and her family adopted Sven and Olaf, named after characters from the Disney movie Frozen, two years ago during the COVID-19 shutdown.

“After Olaf actually lost his siblings, he imprinted on Sven and they've been best friends ever since,” she said.

They're quite the pair. Sven is a laid-back, loveable Newfie and Olaf is a bossy duck that keeps watch over everything around him.

“I would say Olaf thinks he's a dog,” Jessie said. “He kind of guards the farm. He protects our chickens from wild animals. He kind of keeps an eye out for the creatures that he loves,”

And Olaf loves Sven the most and is always by his side, nipping at his paws or is maybe right on top of him.

“They love swimming in the pool together. Sven will lay there and he's kind of like Olaf's log. He climbs on and jumps off, bite at his face, groom him, get off run around,” said Jessie.

The duo is so unique, Jessie created Instagram and Facebook pages to feature the friendship and people love it.

“E News has shared them, the Dodo, some of the big, funny video places recently have shared their videos,” Jessie said.

One of the most popular posts pairs audio about being best friends over what’s an ordinary moment on the farm with Sven, Olaf and Eli.

Eli is Jessie's three-year-old son, who loves his hanging out with his buddies.

“Sven's my friend and Olee's my friend,” Eli said with a smile..

Their bond even inspired a children's book, “The Adventures Of Biss and Olee -- Play On The Farm.” Jessie went with nicknames to keep from any copyright concerns with Disney.

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“We really had no clue what we were doing. We just kind of one night sat down, it was like nine o'clock, we had a three-month-old baby and I'm just sitting in the chair, exhausted and my husband was like, "all right, let's do it" and by the end of the night we had our first volume,” said 

The self-published book has sold all over the United States and in several other countries, sharing a sweet, wholesome story of a dog and duck that are best friends forever.

“It's just really fun because it's just heartfelt. People genuinely love watching the friendship and it brings people joy and that's the best part about it,” Jessie said.

Jessie and her husband have written six other volumes of the Biss and Olee Adventures and hope to release more down the road.

You can find links to buy the book by Clicking Here.