Irish Dancing Group To Perform At Tulsa PAC

Tuesday, July 5th 2022, 5:03 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

An Irish dance group is performing in Tulsa this week.

Celtic Throne is touring the country and the latest stop is the Tulsa Performing Arts Center.

The 32 dancers range from ages five to 22, and the Edmond-based group is taking their talents to the Tulsa stage.

The family-friendly show takes you through the origins of Irish dance from the Near East, like Scotland and England, to America.

Many dancers are students or graduates of Herbert W. Armstrong College in Edmond.

Lead dancer Jude Flurry said the production includes special effects like lighting and fog, and several musical elements.

"We’ve got a lot of variety as well. So, we've got people that do two or three things, play the violin, and sing and dance. I play piano and dance,” Flurry said.

The music is composed by Golden Globe-nominated composer Brian Byrne.

Flurry said this summer included stops in Denver, Amarillo, and Nashville.

He said this is their third and biggest tour so far.

"I just love the rhythm. That's honestly what's kept me with it. There's lots of different elements in Irish dance,” Flurry said.

Flurry said parents of the dancers help with the show behind the scenes.

The dancers want people of all ages to enjoy the show together.

"And that's really I think what sets us apart from other shows. We're all about family and having fun together as a family, and just showing off our talents, skills, and fun,” Flurry said.

Celtic Throne is performing Wednesday and Thursday evening.

You can find tickets here: Celtic Throne