Tulsans Seek Indoor Family Activities With Heat Surging Into Triple Digits

Tuesday, July 5th 2022, 6:05 pm
By: Matt Rahn

TULSA, Oklahoma -

With intense heat in the forecast, many Tulsans are looking for ways to stay cool.

On hot days, getting indoors is a must. For parents looking for something to do with kids on summer break, Discovery Lab fits the bill.

Some kids tried to beat the heat Tuesday morning at Tulsa's Riverparks, but as temps started climbing, families headed over to Discovery Lab where the AC is set to a cool 69 degrees.

"We're seeing a trend as the temperatures have gone up, our attendance has also gone up as people are seeking refuge from the heat in our cool exhibit spaces,” said Executive Director Ray Vandiver.

He said Discovery Lab is not only an escape from insufferable heat, but a place for kids to learn.

"Discovery Lab is an amazing resource for the children and families of Tulsa, especially with summer break where the children can come and play while they learn," said Vandiver.

Cat Easterling is babysitting this summer and needed to entertain three energetic kids.

"We're always looking for fun things to do outside, but it's been so hot lately so we've come to the discovery lab because they love it here and we're just looking for something fun to do," said Easterling.

She isn't the only one with that idea. The science museum was crawling with children and parents enjoying the cool indoors.

Elizabeth Lacirignola said being inside is a relief.

"It is dangerously hot. I was thinking even walking up to the door how hot and steamy it was and how thankful I was to go inside to the air conditioning," said Lacirignola.

As long as that AC is pumping, you can bet the parking lot at Discovery Lab will be full all summer long.

The Discovery lab is open every day until 5 p.m.