Porum Woman Competing In Ms. Wheelchair USA Pageant

Thursday, July 7th 2022, 5:34 pm

A Porum woman is about to represent Oklahoma in a national pageant next week.

She has been using a wheelchair for 28 years following a car crash when she was a teenager.

Jennifer Carter is Ms. Wheelchair Oklahoma USA. She said she wants people to know her disability doesn't hold her back.

Jennifer Carter is a mom on the move. "I own a home, I live independently with 4 kids, I drive, everything I want to do. Fish, anything," she said.

With four kids, she stays busy, but always finds a way to put them first.

Now, Jennifer has taken on a new title complete with a sash and crown: Ms. Wheelchair Oklahoma USA.

"All of them were like, 'Do it mom!' they said, 'You've took care of us, it's time to do something for you.'"

When Jennifer was 17, she was in a car wreck and told she would never walk again.

Jennifer said it was devastating, but she kept moving.

"I figured out quickly I can do other things with my life," said Jennifer. "This is not the end, and it wasn't."

Jennifer went to school, got married, had kids, and now she's a part of Oklahoma history.

She said when she was nominated for the Oklahoma title, she decided to go ahead and try to win. And she did!

She's made lots of public appearances since then and decided to make her platform "goals."

"Set your goals and live your life. It's not the end, just because you have a disability. There are people out there that can learn from you even if you think they're not," she said.

Jennifer will proudly show the world what she can do next week in the Ms. Wheelchair USA national competition.

"It's a lot more than the makeup and crown and dress," she said.

Jennifer is heading out Friday, July 8 to Ohio for the competition.

She'll be there for about a week and whether she wins or not she hopes to continue inspiring others.

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