Watch: 'I Heart Mac And Cheese' Opens New Tulsa Location

Wednesday, July 27th 2022, 5:36 pm

Tulsa, Oklahoma -

There's a cheesy new restaurant in Tulsa. "I Heart Mac and Cheese" rewarded the first 10 people in line on Wednesday with a special prize. It’s located at 106th and Memorial.

People waited in line all-night in hopes of winning free mac and cheese for a year.

A group of Jenks High School students waited for 12 hours to be the first in line.

Senior Ben Hargrove said his friend called and all he had to hear was "free mac and cheese."

"So that's what I did. I went home and fell asleep about 12:00 a.m. and got an hour of sleep, and then Mason told me to come out here. So came right out here and been in line ever since,” Hargrove said.

And their waiting paid off. Other people waited since 3 a.m. under tents.

"So not only are we trying to provide jobs and also feed the community, as far as bringing something new to the community of Tulsa,” said owner George Lopez.

“I Heart Mac and Cheese” is a national franchise.

Aside from the classic recipe, you can find unique items on the menu, like bowls with different toppings and mac and cheese sandwiches.

George and his wife Stephanie have three kids and said the popular dish is a household staple.

"That was the reason why we did it, because our 5-year-old loves mac and cheese so why not, right?" George said.

The Lopez family hopes it's a place for families and friends to gather.

As for Hargrove, he and his friends plan to eat to their hearts' content.

"That's the plan. I love me some mac and cheese,” Hargrove said.

George said they hope to open another location in the coming months.

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