Man Accused Of Shooting Process Server Loses Attorneys

Tuesday, September 24th 2019, 6:18 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa man accused of shooting a process server and threatening a mass shooting at the University of Tulsa lost his attorneys on Tuesday.

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Christopher Barnett told the judge he has no money to even make a phone call from jail to get an attorney, much less hire one himself. Barnett was visibly unhappy in the courtroom, calling Tulsa County District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler a "Nazi."

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"I've been called worse things in my life," Kunzweiler said. "The bottom line is, my job is to present cases in court."

Barnett also called out his lawyers as they left, upset they refused to continue representing him. Now, Barnett is telling the judge he's in financial ruin, and can't afford his own attorney. It's a statement Kunzweiler said he finds hard to believe.

"Quite frankly, just as a citizen, I find it kind of incredulous that somebody could post $70,000 in cash two months ago and claim they don't have that money today," he said.

Barnett was charged in July in two separate cases. First, for shooting a process server at his home. Kunzweiler said Barnett put up the $70K toward his million dollar bond in cash.

"I kind of call into question his representation to the court that he's not able to hire his own private counsel," Kunzweiler said.

That bond was removed when Barnett was also charged with threatening a mass shooting at a TU football game. Tuesday in court, with no attorneys by his side, Barnett had a lot to say.

He told the judge his bond money came from 25 of his employee's salaries, who he had to lay off. He said all his money is gone, and his business is being foreclosed on.

Ultimately, the judge decided to give Barnett a court-appointed attorney so his cases can move forward.