Law Enforcement Preparing For Tulsa Run

Friday, October 26th 2018, 10:59 pm
By: Justin Shrair

The 2018 Tulsa Run begins on Saturday and as runners continue to prepare so are officers who will be keeping both runners and spectators safe.

Tulsa Police, Reserve Officers, and Retired Tulsa Officers are all assigned to this race the race. Sgt. Chris Witt, of Tulsa Police's Special Events Unit, says nearly 80 Police Officers including some with bomb-sniffing dogs will be monitoring the Tulsa Run.

"We'll have officers at every major intersection that goes along course epically along the 15K course," said Sgt. Witt.

Along with Police, medical teams will also be stationed throughout all the races. 

"So, we have our finish line, we have 15 on course, we have EMSA with their mobile command unit we'll have some people on bicycles," said Tulsa Race Director Heath Aucoin.

The Run has several different races including the 2K, 5K, and 15K and with those races come many road closures.

Sgt. Witt says his biggest challenge is making sure cars don't get onto any of the courses. He’s asking people to watch where they drive.

"You're endangering the runners you're endangering the lives of other people and it can be very costly to get out there and get out there on the course and we write you a $200, $300 ticket," said Witt.

Runners of all ages say they are ready to race, and that they have full confidence in all the first responders to keep them safe.

"I am glad that we have a lot of medical stops and water places and all that so that's really good," said runner Kristin Littlefield.

The first road closure starts at 7 on Saturday morning at 15 and Boston. For a full list of road closures Click Here.