Nowata County Home Broken Into Numerous Times In Just A Few Days

Monday, October 22nd 2018, 5:53 pm
By: News On 6

A Nowata County woman says someone broke into her home eight times in four days, while she was on vacation.

Amie Scheer put cameras up two weeks ago, after having trespassing issues.  She says she came home from out of town to discover someone had stolen thousands of dollars worth of her belongings.

“I look and see that my gate has been run down,” said Scheer.  “Has been rammed and is laying flat on the ground.”

That was just the beginning.

Her camera caught several people coming and going from her home, stealing load after load of her belongings.

“They totally trashed the house.  They upended every dresser, every box, cleaned out every drawer, every cabinet, and they did it over a four-day period and returned to my home seven or eight times,” stated Scheer.  “It’s horrible.  Like I said, 30 years, you know, we’ve been here and nobody has had any issue whatsoever.  You are in a small town and small community because you want to stay away from this type of an issue.”

She says the thieves stole everything from jewelry to collectible dishes, even her lawnmower.

“We will find out who did it,” she said.  “It’s a small town.  Small town folks, we will find out who did it.”