City Of Broken Arrow Reducing Speed Limits In Some Areas

Friday, October 19th 2018, 6:26 pm
By: Justin Shrair

Drivers in Broken Arrow need to slow down on some city streets because the city reduced speeds on several roads on the south side of town.

The decision to change the speed limit was to make several areas safer with homes and businesses going up in those areas and even more planned for the future.

If you're one of the many drivers on the south side of Broken Arrow, chances are you've already seen brand new speed limit signs going up.

"Residents complained about the 50 mph speeds, it was getting unsafe for them to travel to and from their homes in the area," said Broken Arrow Director of Communications Krista Flasch.

That change drops the speed limit down 10 miles per hour in several areas, from fifty to forty. Those areas include Jasper, between Olive and Aspen, Tucson between Olive and Garnett and Aspen between Jasper and Tucson.

"One it would be consistent with other similar roads in Broken Arrow, the speed limit that is and also to get people acclimated to driving at lower speeds with the coming development," said Flasch.

The change affects drivers immediately and Police say reducing the speed limit may also increase a driver's reaction time.

"The slower you travel the better your reaction time, your stopping distance is going to be if something were to run out in front of you or a car were to pull out," said Broken Arrow Police Officer James Koch.

Police say while Officers have a wide range of discretion working traffic enforcement, it's important for drivers to be aware of any changes on the roads.

"Once the speed limit is posted that's the speed limit from that moment forward," said Officer Koch.