Wagoner County Farm Applies To Grow Marijuana, Some Neighbors Concerned

Wednesday, September 12th 2018, 10:10 pm
By: Justin Shrair

Some folks are concerned about plans by a Wagoner County farm to grow marijuana.

Green Prairie Farms says all of its paperwork is in order and they’re now just waiting on approval from the state health department.

The farm says they’re already addressing some of the community’s concerns.

The Sheriff says, if approved, they will be afforded the same rights as any other business in the County.

Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott says he was notified of a possible commercial marijuana growing operation by concerned citizens.

“It’s very close to a school,” said Sheriff Elliott.  “Concerns of is it going to increase criminal activity in the neighborhood, is it going to attract burglars?”

He says he looked into the matter more, and even sent some of his deputies to meet with the owners, who he says are within the law if the health department approved the application.

“He’s an individual that sees an opportunity to put in a business here in Wagoner County, a legal business,” said Elliott.

Green Prairie Farms says it’s already addressing the community’s concerns.  For safety reasons, a security guard will be on hand, as well as a lot of security cameras.

“We’ll have an eight-foot paneled fence that will ensure that you can’t see through, blocks out a lot and it’s bigger security,” said Cassie Cronheim from Green Prairie Farms.

Cronheim also says the farm will be 100 percent organic and will have a filtration system and will only grow female plants, which do not pollinate.

“We will have a filtration system that will cut down tremendously on the smell,” said Cronheim.

While the Sheriff says he did not get any notification that this business may be coming into the county, he says it’s what voters asked for and he and his deputies will uphold the law.

“We’re going to give them the same protections that we do all of our other businesses in the county,” he said.

The health department has oversight over the applications and the facilities.  They say they will be doing inspections to make sure everyone is in compliance.