Matt Pinnell Nominated As Republican Candidate For Lieutenant Governor

Tuesday, August 28th 2018, 9:30 pm
By: News On 6

Matt Pinnell has been elected to represent the Republican party for lieutenant governor.

Unofficial results show Pinnell with 58 percent of the vote to Dana Murphy's 41 percent.

Live Election Results

Pinnell said he knew his message was starting to resonate and, after getting the results, he's excited.

Pinnell said what set him apart in the race is that he sees himself as a sales and marketing person for the state. He said in order to bring more people to the state, there needs to be an emphasis on making core services better education infrastructure healthcare.

"People want somebody that's gonna make sure small towns big towns alike, make sure that they can thrive and that their kids can grow up in a state that they're proud of raise their family in it and find a job," he said.

Pinnell said he wants to make sure people are proud to be Oklahomans and said Oklahomans want change.

For Murphy, there was a lot of talk about the negative ad against her and the impact it had on the race. She said she's proud of the positive campaign she ran.

She called Pinnell to congratulate him but did not say whether she would endorse him.

"It didn't go the way I hoped, but I want to say, first, congratulations to Matt and his team, and I just want to say thank you to all those who supported me and really stood with me. I ran a different kind of a campaign, with a positive message, and I feel really proud of that. And I look forward to continuing to find other ways to work and support Oklahoma," Murphy said.

Murphy will continue to serve as Chairman of Oklahoma corporation commission. She has four years left on her term.