Protests Held In Tulsa Over Families Separated By Immigration Policy

Friday, June 15th 2018, 8:30 pm
By: Emory Bryan

The protests over immigration enforcement have shifted, to focus on the children brought over the border by their parents.

Their outrage was fueled by new images of a holding facility for children in Texas. One center alone has 1,500 children, who are processed separately from their parents. It comes as the Trump Administration strengthens prosecution of people crossing the border illegally.

We're opposed to the immoral and inhumane policy of separating families at the US Mexico border. It's not a law and it's definitely not in the Bible,” said Linda Allegro of the New Sanctuary Network in Tulsa. “So I think it's upon us to speak up and say we're not in favor of that policy, that's wrong.”               

For Rosa Hernandez, the issue is personal. If she had been caught with her mother they would have been separated at the border.

“People shouldn't be prosecuted for seeking a better life and wanting their children to be safe,” said Hernandez.

“I came with my Mom. It could have been me and my little brother. And frankly, I'm not standing for this. I have little siblings who are US citizens. I have a 4-year-old little sister, who if I were to get deported, I don't know what I would do without her.”

The Tulsa protests are not new they're routine outside the jail where some immigrants are held waiting for deportation hearings. But the stronger enforcement is being met with larger protests.

While there are people held in Tulsa for the immigration service, when it comes to children, the Sheriff's office says they're either turned over to another relative or to DHS.

Some new numbers came out today on children being held. The government says 2,000 children have been detained in the last six weeks.