Accused Of Grade Tampering, Suspended Tulsa Principal Wants Name Cleared

Monday, June 11th 2018, 7:09 pm

The now-suspended principal at Tulsa's Langston Hughes Academy wants his old job back, but first, he said he wants his name cleared.

Dr. Rodney Clark was suspended by the board at the charter school while an investigation was started over allegations of grade tampering.

Clark said Monday, with his lawyer present, that he has not been involved in any grade tampering and believes the board doesn't fully understand how the grading system works.

He said the accusations are based on anonymous complaints from people who didn't like the way grades are assigned.

While the state was looking into the allegation, Clark said he's not been questioned by investigators.

In the meantime, he's threatening legal action unless the accusations are cleared up.

"And all I'm asking for is an open, written public apology, based on what we know has actually happened, That I was not grade tampering, I was just basically following the rules and the policy as set by the board," Clark said.

The board for the charter school meets Monday night and could potentially replace Clark, but said, for now, they have no response to his comments.