Firefighters Gather In Tulsa For Active Shooter Training

Sunday, May 6th 2018, 5:54 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

Firefighters from all over the country are in Tulsa wrapping up the final day of the Oklahoma State Firefighters Association's School. 

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Part of the training involves an active shooter scenario. 

The firefighters' goal in this exercise isn't to put out flames but to save people during an active shooter situation. 

"I think it was quite realistic - getting shot at," said Luther Volunteer Firefighter Fawn Tibbits. 

While police do their work, the firefighters make their way out of the building to work on the patient. 

It's the third year that active shooter training has been a part of Fire School. 

"Your blood pressure goes up, and even though it's not real rounds - the little airsoft things, they do hurt," said Tibbits. 

Sunday wasn’t just about dodging bullets and saving patients. Another part of the training involved preparing for terrible wrecks.

"They learn how to open doors, they learn how to remove roofs. Just basically find ways to get the patient out of the vehicle," said Fire Equipment Operator Andy Little. 

Men and women from different departments across the country are worked together, practicing their jobs so they're ready for real emergencies. 

"It's not just individual preparation - it's team," Tibbits said. "As firefighters, even in the small town of Luther, we could have similar scenarios. It could happen anywhere, anytime. Gotta be prepared."