Family Searches For Dog After They Say Driver Hit Him

Sunday, October 22nd 2017, 9:26 pm

A Rogers County family is desperately looking for their dog after a driver hit him.

They said they've called every animal hospital and vet around and they think whoever hit the dog may still have him. 

Jessica Atteberry and her family have been searching non-stop for their dog Ruger ever since she saw someone hit him right at the end of their driveway.

While 3-year-old Kinsen plays in his driveway, he's missing his buddy. 

Kinsen calls him "Ruger Booger."

Ruger is growing up with Kinsen and his brother Madden.

At just five weeks old, he became part of the family.

"His tongue is always out; he's always smiling," Jessica said.  

She said as she was leaving her driveway Saturday night, she watched as a dark-colored SUV hit their dog. 

"Immediately after he got hit, he ran either under the car or around the car because I saw him once he got hit he started taking off toward the house," Jessica said.  

She said Ruger was limping but seemed OK.

"I didn't see anything too dramatic," she said.  

So she left to call her fiancé. 

"I instantly took off to go get service because we have no service out here," she said 

Jessica said she was gone for about five minutes and when she got back the SUV was still there but started to take off on Highway 28.

"I put on my hazards, and I was honking, I was honking I was honking. The person would not pull over," she said. 

So now she's left wondering if the driver has Ruger. 

"Just wishful thinking right now," Jessica said.  

She said she doesn't think there was any ill-intent. 

"Maybe they knocked on the door and no one was home at that point because I just left trying to get service," she said.  

But she's worried about Ruger who doesn't have a microchip or a collar. 

The family is offering $500 to anyone who brings Ruger home.

To contact the family, call 918-519-0975 or 918-691-2636.