Bixby City Council Hears Concerns About Sale Of City's Golf Course

Monday, September 25th 2017, 5:57 pm
By: Amy Avery

People in Bixby are concerned over the future of White Hawk golf course.

The city council added a resolution to their meeting to address the issue Monday.

Over 100 people came out to voice their concerns over the golf course and the resolution that passed was created to put some land owners at ease, showing that city council members are standing with the community.

"It's been a nice, quiet, peaceful division until now," said resident Bill Hill. 

Hill lives in one of the first houses that was built in the neighborhood across from the golf course.

He said he's interested to know what their plans are because a sale could impact the value of his home.

"We paid extra to live out here because of the golf course, and if it goes away, we lose some value because of our property, and that's not a good thing," Hill said.

The Bixby City Council passed a resolution that designates the golf course as a space for recreation, and it would take a process to change it.

But this resolution does not prevent someone from buying it. 

"Private property sale is not something that the council can allow or disallow. All the council can do is allow for the process of an application if there is an intention of changing that land," said Robin Decatur, Ward 5.

City officials have been hearing from people about their concerns for the golf course, but many council members want the public to know that they stand with them and see their point.

"Citizens have been emailing and corresponding with city officials pretty much nonstop for the past three weeks. They've really come together as a community," said Richie Stewart, Ward 4.

The city has not received an application requesting a change of land use and the change would require approval from the planning commission and city council.

But they have also tossed around several ideas to keep it open, which makes home owners happy to hear. 

"We understand that the owner of the property needs to sell it. That's his decision, but we also want the city to understand id we can somewhow maintain this golf course. That's what we really want," said resident Sherry Lewis.

Demonstrating the concern the council and the people of Bixby have for preserving the golf course.

"It's quiet and peaceful and attractive, and that's the way we would like to keep it. And we are going to make every effort to make that happen," Hill said.

The management group that owns the golf course is based out of Tennessee and declined to comment on the sale.

We are still waiting to hear back from local shareholders.