Tulsa Detectives Seek Witnesses In City's 61st Homicide Of 2017

Friday, September 15th 2017, 2:21 pm

Tulsa police are investigating the city's 61st homicide of the year after someone shot two people outside a convenience store near 36th Street North and Peoria.

When officers got there, they found a man had been killed and an injured woman was lying on the ground in front of a store.

Investigators say have a lot of questions about what led up to the man's death.

The Route 36 convenience store sees activity at all hours of the day and night.

"There's people generally just milling around," said Sergeant Dave Walker with Tulsa Police.

Tulsa resident Kirk Harris said, "This is about the only store besides QuikTrip on 46th and Lewis that stays open this late"

Just after 3:00 Friday morning, police said there was a crowd of about 30-40 people when someone shot a 39-year-old man several times, killing him.

"At 3:00 in the morning nothing really good happens," Walker said.

It's Tulsa's 61st homicide of the year. He was identified as Walter Hogan.

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"People just need to try to get along. I don't understand what's all the shooting for," said Harris.

Walker said it all started with a fight in the parking lot.

Walker said he believes the shooter drove off with a couple other people in a tan-colored car, but detectives need more information and aren't putting much confidence in surveillance video.

"You can see people moving quickly but you can't see the bad guy shoot," he said.

Walker said investigators need to talk with people who were there.

"You need to call us. Don't rely on the next person to say, 'Well they should call.' No, you have to do the right thing and give us a shout," the sergeant said.

Walker said police have a lot of questions.

"Still can't really tell if they're part of the disturbance, or intended targets or just out milling around and got caught up in some gunfire," he said.

The woman who was shot is expected to survive.

If you have any information, you’re asked to call Crime Stoppers at 918-596-COPS.