Tulsa 'Porch Pirate' Arrested Thanks To Unusually Good Video

Friday, September 1st 2017, 5:45 pm

Tulsa Police arrest a suspected "porch pirate" who was caught on camera in South Tulsa.

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Carissa Shaw denied stealing packages off porches and listed her work address as the package distribution center for Macy's in Owasso.

The surveillance video of a car pulling up and a woman walking up was unusually good quality.

And that helped once the homeowner made a police report and the department publicized it.
It wasn't long before tips to Crime Stoppers identified the woman in the video as Carrissa Nicole Shaw.

Officer Jeanne Mackenzie with the Tulsa Police said, “We put that out and got several Crime Stoppers tips with different information, but we got one tip that really led us right to her.”
Shaw was arrested for a single count of larceny; the package valued at $50, and she's not been connected to other cases.
She does have a record of arrests involving drug possession and receiving stolen property, over the last four years.

Police say they have no evidence of porch pirates following delivery trucks and believe most often they simply drive neighborhoods and look.
In this case, the car almost passes by before the woman identified as Shaw jumps out.

“It's happening more, but we're seeing more of it because of Facebook, neighborhood pages, and with cameras, we're seeing more film of these crimes," Mackenzie said. 

Even though crimes are more visible because they're reported online police say it's important to report even these relatively small crimes to police.

"Without a police report, we can't do anything about it. Even if you have video of it, if you don't make a police report, we can't arrest somebody for a crime that hasn't been reported." Mackenzie said.

And police say it's a growing problem of people reporting crimes to social media and nothing more.