Sand Springs Police Urge Parents To Talk To Kids After Finding Weapons In Student's Locker

Tuesday, August 29th 2017, 7:15 pm
By: News On 6

Police confiscated a loaded gun and brass knuckles from a 14-year-old's locker in Sand Springs.

Officers said they aren’t sure why the boy had the weapons.

The ninth grader was playing football at the stadium when school officials found both weapons in the student's football locker.

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Family waiting to pick up students from the ninth grade center in Sand Springs said it's upsetting to hear.

"Where do kids come across these things? I wouldn't know where to get brass knuckles," said grandparent Jeannie Bise.

"Never heard of it when I was in school," said grandparent Mark Mullin.

Sand Springs Police said they arrested the 14-year-old student after school administrators found the weapons Monday afternoon.

Police said no matter the age, taking a gun onto school property is an automatic felony.

“When they call us and we find a student with a gun at school we're going to press charges, we're going to file charges," Captain Todd Enzbrenner said.

School administrators said another student reported the weapons but said they have not heard about any specific reason why the student had them.

"He made a terrible choice and a bad mistake in the first place, but we don't think he had a plan to use it for any reason," Enzbrenner said.

However, it's still a danger, even without the student making a threat.

"Judgment just isn't what it should be at this age," Bise said. “You hear of things getting bumped and dropped and a gun going off...It's just an accident waiting to happen."

Police urge parents to talk to kids about speaking up. They say if you see something or hear something, say something to an adult.

Sand Springs Schools said the district will not tolerate possession of weapons of any kind on any of its campuses and will discipline any students in accordance with school policy as well as any state and federal laws.