Looters A Problem As Tulsa Businesses Try To Repair After Storm Damage

Sunday, August 6th 2017, 5:46 pm
By: News On 6

Devastating is what folks are calling the tornado damage along 41st between Yale and Sheridan.

A tornado ripped through multiple businesses leaving debris scattered all over the place.

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All along that stretch of road you'd see missing walls where you can literally look inside of the buildings from the outside.

While it's still a mess out here, police say this is actually an improvement.

When the storm first touched down this morning several people were inside the TGI Friday's restaurant and Whataburger.

About 13 people were injured, police said.

Most every business has some roof damage, broken glass or entire sides of the wall missing.

Electrical crews have been out all evening working to get power lines fixed.

And just like the damaged building, the power lines along 41st are snapped or knocked over.

While the brunt of the damage is along this street. A few people in the nearby neighborhood also got some damage.

"We have five holes in the roof all together, two limbs actually went through the roof through the sheet rock into the living room and the sun room," said Rick Cole, area homeowner.

On top of the mess crews are having to deal with, police are also having to be on guard for looters.

They say they've already caught a few people taking from the AT&T store.

Business owners are eager to get the go-ahead to get inside and try to secure their merchandise.