McAlester Vietnam Veteran Stands His Ground During Attempted Burglary

Thursday, July 27th 2017, 7:32 pm
By: Tess Maune

A McAlester Vietnam Veteran stands his ground when police say a man tried to break in his house.

Security camera footage shows the suspect sneaking around the man's home.

Medals from his time in the service proudly hang inside Leon Flowers' house.

"Volunteered...fresh out of high school," he said.  

Outside, signs are posted to let folks know this home belongs to a Vietnam Veteran who is not afraid to protect his property.

"You just can't trust anybody anymore," he said. 

Flowers' said a man ignored those signs back on July 15th.

Security cameras were recording as it appears the man is staking out the place.

Flowers was headed to bed at the time.

He said he saw shadows outside, heard whispering near his bedroom window and then heard a 'pop.'

Flowers says he's not sure what that was, but instinct kicked in. 

"I put 15 rounds, I just unloaded it," Flowers said. 

The security camera caught that too as the man took off running.

"It was just like Vietnam all over again," he said. 

Flowers' windows are still riddled with bullet holes. He said he feared the man was about the break in through his window.

An affidavit said a window screen had been removed.

"I felt violated. I feel old and dumb. I really do," Flowers said. 

Flowers actually knows the suspect. He says he hired him back in February to do some odd jobs around his house. Turns out, he gave Flowers a fake name.

"I trusted him. I liked the kid," he said. 

Court records say Derek Wimmer showed up to a hospital that night with a bullet wound to the chest.

"I'm just glad I didn't kill the kid," he said. 

Wimmer survived and is now in jail.

And this veteran hopes he can now live in peace.

"I hate living like this. I just want to be left alone," he said. 

Police say he told detectives he was trying to get into Flowers' house to get tools he'd left behind 5 months ago.

The investigation is still ongoing, but at this time Flowers is not facing any charges for protecting himself and his property.