BA First Responders Take Defensive Training To Stay Safe

Tuesday, May 2nd 2017, 10:52 pm
By: Justin Shrair

Monday, a Dallas Texas Paramedic was shot while doing his job - another reminder of the dangers first responders face.

In Broken Arrow, some of the first responders have defensive training skills to help keep them safe if a situation begins to escalate.

When the call comes in, firefighters and paramedics gear up and head out no matter what - sometimes putting themselves in harm’s way to help others.

Training Major Timothy Tyner with BAFD said, "I've had instances myself when you're presented with a patient that, perhaps surprised you, at least in their actions - their mood and demeanor changed and we had to respond to."

That's one of the big reasons Tyner signed up for a defensive training class held last year at the state fire school. He said they've had instances where their paramedics have also been faced with a combative person.

"We really encourage our personnel to just practice that scene safety at all times, and a big part of that is just keeping your eyes and ears open to the situation," Tyner said.

He said the class taught him how to recognize when a situation may be abnormal and to use body language to try to keep the situation from escalating - or to even remove himself if the situation became life threatening.

The class also taught him defensive tactics.

"Most fire departments around the country have not been in the process of teaching that routinely, versus our brothers and sisters in the police force. It was very, I felt, beneficial training," he said.

Keeping themselves safe while helping others.

The Broken Arrow Fire Department said they work very closely with police. They even have tools including a special code they can announce over the radio or buttons on their radios to signal they need help.