Oklahoma Legislators Vote Against Lowering Income Taxes

Thursday, April 20th 2017, 8:38 am

Oklahoma state income taxes may now be staying the same despite a law saying they were supposed to lower next year.  

It's referred to as the income tax trigger, and the bill that passed the House 75 to 12 Wednesday, April 19 would repeal it.

Representatives first argued on the floor of the House about whose fault it was that Oklahoma is facing an almost $900 million budget hole for next year - both sides of the aisle blaming the other.

Nevertheless, the trigger that was put in place in 2014 that would have lowered Oklahomans' income tax rate to 4.85 from 5 percent - is now two steps away from being repealed.

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The bill to repeal the trigger will now go back to the Senate and if it passes, will head to the governor. 

Representative Earl Sears made it clear the problem isn't with the income tax-lowering but said it isn't the right time the tax to be reduced. If the income tax is allowed to drop, it's estimated to cost the state $97 million.