More Budget Cuts Coming To Sand Springs School District

Wednesday, March 29th 2017, 11:19 pm
By: Justin Shrair

The Sand Springs School District is slashing more of its budget. 

More than $500,000 are on the chopping block.

Parents that News On 6 spoke with say they are not happy, but the superintendent says cuts are needed.

"We definitely are being super conscientious of every retirement, every resignation and really scrutinizing,” said Superintendent Sherry Durkee.

First-year Sand Springs School Superintendent Durkee is faced with a problem. The district needs to cut more than half a million dollard from its budget for next year.

Right now programs are not on the chopping block, instead Durkee is saving money by not filling spots left open by retirements or resignations.

"It is really about the vacancies that happen as a natural occurrence of people resigning or retiring,” said Durkee.

At this time, there are about ten vacancies, some teaching positions and one for a school nurse. Durkee said these tough decisions need to be made in order to stay fiscally stable, 

Parents are frustrated.

"I think it’s ridiculous,” said Ginessa Orcutt. “They don't pay teachers enough as it is anyway, and to cut more money back, it's just gonna make more teachers leave the state of Oklahoma to go find better jobs.”

Laurie Gilley added, “It's ridiculous; they don't have enough money in the school system right now as it is."

Durkee said that although employees have taken on extra duties, they have a firm resolve to carry out their responsibilities.

“I think that people are committed to making sure kids get what they need,” said Durkee. “So, our employees are willing to do that because it’s the right thing. It’s what we're commissioned to do, and our people have the heart for it.”

In terms of what else may be cut, Durkee hopes to know by June at the latest.