Wagoner County Investigators Interviewing Second Witness To Triple Shooting

Wednesday, March 29th 2017, 4:23 pm
By: News On 6

Wagoner County investigators are now talking to a second witness to this week's triple shooting.

They said she’s providing information that matches evidence at the scene but is not naming her or confirming whether she was in the getaway vehicle.

News On 6 also has the 911 call made by Zach Peters, after he shot and killed the three suspected burglars.

Peters is calm but shaky when he calls in the shooting.

He repeatedly asks when deputies are arriving and stated that he thought he shot two of the suspects, not all three.

After he fired the shots, he locked himself in his bedroom until deputies arrived.

911: "They've been shot?"

Peters: "Yes, two of them."

911: "Are they bleeding?"

Peters: "Yes, I believe one's down. One's still talking. You need to get here now."

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He explained that three people broke into the home and said two of them were still inside his house. He said he could hear them talking but couldn't make out what they were saying.

911: “Do you know where they broke in sir?"

Peters: "In the backdoor. One's in the kitchen and one crawled into the NE corner bedroom."

911: One's in the kitchen and one's in the NE corner bedroom, is that correct?"

Peters: "Correct."

911: "Correct and the third one, I did not shoot; he ran outside."

Peters: "You guys need to start EMS. I believe one of them is shot bad."

911: "Okay sir, EMS is en route, okay?"

Following protocol, the dispatcher keeps Peters on the line until deputies arrive and then she asked him to put down his weapon as deputies enter the home, for everyone's safety.

911: "Okay sir, my deputy is there. I need you to unarm yourself and put the gun away."

Peters: "Okay, it'll be unloaded on my bed. I'll still be in my bedroom."

911: "Okay, the gun will be unloaded, on his bed."

As we now know, all three suspects, Max Cook, Jacob Redfearn and Jaykob Woodruff, were killed.

The suspected getaway driver is in jail, facing murder charges, and investigators are now talking to that second witness. 

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