As Crutcher Investigation Continues, Conflicting Reports Of Window Position Emerge

Wednesday, September 21st 2016, 11:24 pm
By: News On 6

There are some contradicting theories surrounding the driver's side window in the shooting of Terence Crutcher.

Our partners at The Frontier say a source inside the Tulsa Police Department tells them Crutcher's driver's side window was down when a police officer shot and killed him.

Tuesday, however, the attorneys for the Crutcher family showed enlarged pictures from the helicopter camera, claiming the window is rolled up.

The reason this is important is because police accounts claim Crutcher reached into his SUV shortly before officer Betty Shelby shot and killed him.

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Shelby’s attorney Scott Wood said, "She is giving him repeated commands; stop, stay where you are, get down on your knees."

Wood spoke with News On 6 Monday and spoke about the window being down.

"His right hand may have been up, his left hand is inside the car," he said.

Wednesday, our partners at the Frontier say a TPD source with knowledge of the investigation told them the driver's side window of Crutcher's SUV was down the whole time.

The Frontier: Source: Crutcher’s window was rolled down during fatal encounter with police

Wood said, "He looks at her, and his left hand goes, breaks the plain where the window would be, as if he is reaching in. And, at that time, she fired one shot. She was in fear of her life."

But Tuesday, Crutcher's family attorney showed enhanced pictures from the helicopter camera claiming you can see blood smeared on the outside of the window. They believe the video proves their claim.

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Attorney Damario Solomon-Simmons said, "We believe the video clearly shows that Terence's blood is from the top of the car all the way running down the door handle and pooling at the bottom."

Solomon-Simmons points out the video shows Crutcher did not fight or have a weapon, and had his hands up, saying it's important to remember what we can see.

"You lose sight of what is most important,” he said. “That a video shows an unarmed American citizen being gunned down on the streets without anyone coming to his aid."

We reached out to TPD for comment and were told the district attorney has instructed them not to comment. A spokesperson added they hope all the facts will come out in the criminal investigation.