BAHS Creates I.T. Helpdesk Run By Students, For Students

Monday, September 12th 2016, 7:55 pm
By: News On 6

All Broken Arrow High School students have a Chromebook computer this year as one of their school supplies.

Not only are BA students working with computers, some are working on them. 

And the school has created a "chrome-desk" to fix problems and the students run the desk.

This is the Chrome-Desk at Broken Arrow High School. It's kind of like where the 'geek squad' hangs out.

"We have a ticketing system just like any IT service desk would have," said BAHS Digital Learning Facilitator Brandon Chitty. 

At the beginning of the school year, a little over three weeks ago, the high school began passing out Google Chromebooks to every student. That's 3,700 in this building alone.

So, you need a help desk. In case something breaks.

"I would say the most common thing that breaks is the screen," Chitty said. 

The Chromdesk teacher is Skip Hyde and he also works on the Chromebooks including broken screens. And he teaches the students how to repair them because Chromedesk is a class.

"Everything he's doing, the students are being trained to do," Chitty said. 

The class has five to seven students each period. Some students work the desk while others do repairs and quality control. 

The students even make deliveries and take the repaired laptops to students in their classrooms. 

"If someone breaks it; we take it apart, figure out what's wrong, fix it, replace it and ship it out brand new," said Skyler Gan. 

The B.A.H.S. Chromedesk is a full service operation.