Lack Of School Bus Routes Leaves BA Families Worried, Upset

Wednesday, August 24th 2016, 6:19 pm
By: News On 6

A grandmother fears for her granddaughter's safety as she walks to school because there's no bus.

She said the path includes some sections of Broken Arrow that don't have sidewalks.

Mary Munoz says her granddaughter’s options are just not good; either she walks a long, busy street in a wooded area behind the school, or tries to find a ride with a friend.

Munoz is retired and has an 11-year-old grandchild who goes to Centennial Middle School in Broken Arrow. Both the girl’s parents work full-time and can't always take her to school or pick her up.

"So, she's actually walking or taking the bicycle, but it's between an area that's not side walked at all, and she's in fear for her safety," Munoz said.

The 11 year old lives at the Mission Hills apartments; according to Google Maps, the complex is 1.6 miles from the school.

And while Munoz tries to pick her granddaughter up and take her to school when possible, she said it's upsetting not to have a bus option.

"The transportation issues need to be looked at again on a case by case, not by a computer, overall. It needs to be hands on," she said.

BA schools chief communications officer, Shelli Holland-Handy said, with the cuts to transportation, things have been an adjustment, and they are working to iron out any issues families may be having.

“It is frustrating when there are difficult circumstances, but I can promise you that our transportation department is working ‘round the clock to alleviate some of these concerns and get back with folks and try to resolve the issues that have been brought to their attention," she said.

Munoz said she has reached out, and that school officials have told her they're looking into it.

"When you walk it, it is 40 minutes, so it is not close by any stretch of the imagination," she said. “We want something done before something bad happens."

Munoz said she wouldn't mind paying a small fee, maybe participating in a fundraiser. She said anything to get more kids the option of safe transportation.