OSU's Grandparent University Marks Record Year

Saturday, June 18th 2016, 11:18 am
By: Tess Maune

Oklahoma State University's 13th annual Grandparent University hit new record with 650 participants from several different states. 

Grandparent University gives OSU legacies the chance to visit campus with their grandparents and they get to pick between 24 different majors to enroll in.  Once they complete 3 days of class and fun, they graduate. 

Broadcast journalism is one of majors the kids can pick. For that major, the young students get to go out and do reports, then they come back and "front" their stories from the anchor desk. 

News On 6 Reporter Tess Maune an alumna OSU's of the journalism school and was invited back to co-anchor with a eight talented future journalists. She said they were all were all naturals. 

It was a homecoming in more ways than one for Tess Maune.  The anchor desk used for broadcast students at OSU was the desk News On 6 anchors reported from at the station's old building at 3rd and Frankfort in Tulsa. 

News On 6 donated the anchor desk to OSU when it moved into the station in Tulsa's Brady District.